Artistic approach

Martin Gaudreault is an image hunter.

He interprets landscapes under the animated gaze of passion. It highlights the details of nature mainly, but also of landscapes in which poetry is particularly present.

Its influences

René Richard, his great-uncle, one of Canada's painters who best expressed the loneliness of the great northern spaces through the seasons, was also a photographer. He is one of his main artistic influences.

French photographer and draftsman Henri Cartier-Bresson is another great influence in Martin Gaudreault's work, who admires his mastery of the compositions of the photojournalist, known in particular for his street photographs and for his representation of the picturesque or significant aspects of everyday life.

The couple of photographers Mia and Klaus (Mia Matthes and Klaus-Peter Matthes) also left their mark on Martin Gaudreault, by this particular way of presenting the beauty of various regions of Quebec.

Martin Gaudreault uses these artistic influences as an ideal to be achieved.


Martin Gaudreault uses the classic rules of photographic composition, the same one that is taught in fine arts schools. Over the years of practice, with the technological evolution of cameras, digital technology has nevertheless replaced silver photography. However, the photographer does not add any elements during post-production. The effects are minimalist, thus respecting the original image, the authenticity of the moment captured, immortalized. He is a fervent lover of the blue hour and the particularities of light at certain key times of the day. He is an image hunter, but also a brightness hunter.

Personal perspective

The digital eye of the photographer from Roberval lands. A true passion for colours and light animates her. Martin Gaudreault captures the tonal change through compositions that reflect the present moment. For him, photography is never a random image, it is a research, then a narrative and an awareness of the natural and silent beauty that exists all around us. Calm, silence and this feeling of serenity are an integral part of his work; they are omnipresent elements in Martin Gaudreault's particular aesthetic.

Through the sensitive expression of the photographer, who feels emotions through his work tool, a testimony is immortalized in a second of eternity. He thus expresses his very personal, often contemplative vision of the diversity of Quebec's landscapes and the elements that compose them, sometimes fragile and ephemeral.

In all humility, he offers his deeply optimistic gaze to the public, in order to make them live an experience through images. Martin Gaudreault's universe is a space to see and feel; an aesthetic experience.