"HélèneCaroline Fournier, art expert and art theorist"

Roberval's photographer, Martin Gaudreault, has been an image hunter for several years. He interprets landscapes under the animated gaze of passion. It highlights the details of nature mainly, but also of landscapes in which poetry is particularly present. (...) René Richard, his great-uncle, one of Canada's painters who best expressed the solitude of the great northern spaces throughout the seasons, is one of his main artistic influences. Passionate about the colours of the seasons, photographer Martin Gaudreault has captured this tonal change through compositions that reflect the present moment. For the artist photographer, photography is never a random image, it is a narrative and an awareness of the natural and silent beauty that exists all around us. Through the expressive sensation of the photographer, who feels emotions through his work tool, he will immortalize his contemplative testimony. Martin Gaudreault's pictorial universe is a space to be discovered that expresses the diversity of Quebec landscapes and the elements that compose them, sometimes fragile and ephemeral.  - excerpt from the article "A 10th Honorary Gala of the Société de l'Ordre du Bleuet for Arts and Culture"